• I cannot think of anybody who doesn’t need an editor, even though some people claim they don’t.
    Toni Morrison
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Randolph Lundine Writing Prompts

Writing prompts, news, information, and resources to help expand your writing community, hone your writing habits, and to waste time in a way that feels like you're working on your writing.

The Writer's World: Confessions, Internet Tendencies, and You

Despite my presence here, I admit to being a bit of a luddite. I like books with pages, people who are actually sitting in front of me, and--perhaps most scandalous of all--I still edit on paper. I even have a preferred pencil (do not get me started on the glories of the Graphgear 500). But I know I'm a dying breed and that this new fangled technology has much to offer, so I dabble. I have developed feelings for my iPhone and MacBook Pro that could be deemed inappropriate. I even started tweeting recently--an experience I oddly like when I can get over my nagging sense that no one really cares "What's happening" in my day.

I know you all are better at this sort of thing than I am. You've long since figured out there are amazing resources for writers, and great writing out there on the internet.  But maybe you're a little like me, and you'd like some help wading through this morass...

...so here's a quick list of helpful online tools for writers:

Arts and Letters Daily is not full of helpful writing information, but it will make your brain bigger, which will make you a better writer. It's like a cultural cheat sheet--they sort through everything worth reading and give you a little nibble of it. You can, of course, be a good lad and follow their link to the full article. 

NewPages is a great resource for writers. It's essentially a guide to everything creative writers should know: MFA programs, submissions, independent and university presses, journals...

PEN Center USA: Because all writers should join and support PEN. 

Poets & Writers : NewPage's more serious and mature big brother. P&W is "the nation's largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers." 

....and here's some fun stuff:

Moby Lives! A blog that begat a publisher. They are irreverant, pertinent, and pretty much my favorite tweeters.

Bookslut Bitchy, smart, and amazingly well read. Get over the name and dive in. 

The Rumpus is an online (mostly) literary magazine. Also irreverent and very cheeky (I'm just noticing a trend...)

I'll keep you posted on my discoveries over the coming months. We'll also link to these sites and others we become besotted with on our facebook page. If you find something amazing out there, tell us about it!


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Saturday, 08 August 2020

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