Just Write (53)

I've spent the last week on an island, waking up to this view. There were no events. All deadlines and assignments were soundly ignored (hence my absence from here). If I overlook the presence of two crabby and bored teenagers, it was bliss.

Turns out bliss, sunshine, and Presidentes greatly diminish my intelligence and drive....I'm fairly certain I could be one of those strange souls who drop out and live in a permanent state of vacation. I have never uttered such bizarre sentiments as "I think I'd get island fever," or "I'd just miss the structure of work and normal life." Needless to say, my reentry into real life has been sluggish and frequently stalled. 

Perhaps you could turn my hedonistic, drop out tendencies into a writing prompt...making them constructive and helpful? Write a scene in which a vacationer refuses to return to her real life. Why does she stay? What does she leave behind? Capture the rhythm of travel, the nuance of life in the surreal space of the tourist destination. What happens when that space becomes your permanent reality?

My scholarly darlings: there are so many actual examples of people jettisoning their lives in favor of permanent vacation...pick your favorite and do a mini research project. But for authenticity's sake, you should absolutely visit the far-flung new home of your subject.