You might have noticed I love Natalie Goldberg. I am a woman obsessed with words and yoga, which places the wise Ms. Goldberg at roughly the intersection of my obsessions. 

Today's writing prompt comes from her new book, The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language, which you should all go buy. Using a passage from William Kennedy's novel Ironweed about kissing (in which he catalogs kisses and then zeroes in on a specific kiss), Goldberg offers this gem:

"Let's consider the structure Kennedy gave for the kiss. First examining the different types, then plunging into the real experience. Let's pick something we have a passion for--a football player, our last lover, a cup of coffee, a thick shake, snowboarding, peace, lips, knees.

Let's do it like he did. First categorize it. For instance, what different kinds of running shoes are there, how do the work--what can you say new about them? Then pause, let it rip--tell us about a specific pair, yours. Where have you been with them, why, what, who--throw in the whole universe, what it's like to run, walk, to have a foot, to be on pavement, grass, tennis court. Break down category, idea, boundary. Follow your own trail out into the rain."

*The Kennedy passage comes from page 155 of the paperback edition at Goldberg's library; the chapter, "Kiss," begins on page 95 of Goldberg's book and includes the Kennedy passage.