• One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.
    Jack Kerouac
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We are open to working on all genres of writing, excluding poetry. Our specialties are: creative and narrative nonfiction; fiction; memoir; scholarly works; general nonfiction; and turning dissertations into books.

We do not work on all manuscripts that are submitted to us. We screen projects with care and only work on those manuscripts we feel are suited to our skills and that we can improve. Scheduling limitations, among other practical concerns, can also impact our ability to work on projects at a given time.

Ladette Randolph and Shuchi Saraswat do not work on short manuscripts (less than 100 pages) or manuscript samples. 

We are experienced professionals who have dedicated our careers to editing and writing. We have decades of experience in the publishing industry, as well as writing and teaching experience. Our mission is to offer a professional service to writers informed by a publishing sensibility and a belief that all writing can be made better through editing. We select the projects we devote our time to carefully, only working on those which we believe we can improve.

If you are unsure which of our services is best for your work, please let us know when you submit the questionnaire. We can make a recommendation once we are more familiar with your work.

No. Copyediting is a different skill set and process than developmental editing. While we may correct the occasional grammatical error and will point out sentence structure and clarity issues in some levels of editing, this is not the same as a thorough copy edit.

No. Publishing is our background, but we are neither agents nor publishing consultants. We will not refer your work to, or discuss it with, any other publishing professionals. Our editorial services are not connected to any work either of us may do in any other publishing capacity.

Over 300,000 books are published each year in the United States. This staggering number does not include the many fine manuscripts that are written but fail to find a publisher. We believe our services will help you craft a stronger manuscript. However, while we believe editing strengthens your book’s potential, sending your work to us for editing does not guarantee publishing success.

We prefer Times New Roman and request that your manuscript be double spaced, single sided, with page numbers and one inch margins. Because page length varies depending on the font and formatting used, we define a page as 250 words.